Updates and FAQs

Updates and FAQs

Hello everyone!

We are only 3 days away from the very first Satellite Ranch Music & Arts Festival. We can hardly contain our excitement and cannot wait for you all to experience what we’ve worked so hard on to put together for your audio and visual enjoyment.
With that being said, we have a few important updates and questions we’d like to address to ensure everyone is on the same page and ready for the weekend.


-We will be opening the gates for early arrival on Thursday, 08/31/2017 from 6pm to 11pm. If you are not a VIP ticket holder, there will be a $10 entry fee. The amazing local duo, SUICAUDIO, will be performing in the Launchpad in the evening accompanied by a few DJs who will be performing additional sets throughout the festival.

-There will be Saturday Only tickets available at the gate. They are $40 and include camping. Those coming for Friday must purchase the full weekend pass. No exceptions.
-We’ve had a last minute schedule change. Patrick Richards will be performing on Friday from 10pm-11pm, and Ralphie Gucci will be performing Saturday from 1am-2am.

-The weather is looking like sunshine with a chance of light showers for us as of now. The venue is on top of a mountain and it is the beginning of September. It is looking like we may experience some chilly weather at night around 50 degrees. While we will have a few campfires on premises, and you may be heated up from dancing all night, we do recommend packing anything extra as far as clothes and camping gear to ensure you have a comfortable, warm, and dry time.


Q: “Will there be car side camping?”
A: Yes. There is enough room on the property for everyone to have an opportunity to camp next to their car.

Q: “Can we bring an RV or a camper?”
A: Yes, you can bring an RV or a camper. There will be a fee of $20 for each vehicle of this size, unless you are a VIP ticket holder.

Q: “What time will the gates open and close?”
A: The gates will first open on Thursday, 08/31/2017, from 6pm-11pm for early entry for attendees. On Friday and Saturday, the gates will be open from 10am-12am each night.

Q: “Is there re-entry?”
A: Yes, there is re-entry. However, re-entering vehicles are still subject to search and parking fee of $5 (unless you’re a VIP ticket holder).

Q: “Are the work shops VIP only?”
A: No. Although the work shops are on the stage where the VIP ONLY acts are hosted, the work shops are available for everyone to attend.

Q: “Will we be able to upgrade to VIP at the gate?”
A: We will have the final answer for this on Thursday, before gates open. VIP is a strictly limited amount and we are close to sell-out. If there are any left over, they will also be first come, first serve.

Q: “Can I bring my dog?”
A: No.

Q: “Can I bring sound equipment for my campsite?”
A: We want to stress that there is no renegade stage being allowed, nor can their be amplified sound. We do recommend bringing BlueTooth speakers or acoustic instruments if you’re so inclined.

That’s it for now and stay tuned for more updates and FAQs as they develop. We will see you on the Mountain in a few days..!

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