Satellite Ranch Artist Spotlight: An Interview with Eliot Lipp

Eliot Lipp - Satellite Ranch Music Festival 2018

Satellite Ranch Artist Spotlight: An Interview with Eliot Lipp

Zachary Franck interviewing Eliot Lipp

Satellite Ranch is more than pleased to have Eliot Lipp as one of our headliners this year. Since first coming onto the scene, he has performed at festivals across the country, establishing himself as an original producer with a unique sound and style. All of his albums have their own twist to them while staying true to his sense of exploration and feel. Throughout his career, he has moved from city to city, picking up various elements of sound that are transposed through his music. If you’ve seen him before, you already know how good he is. If you haven’t, you should definitely check out his music online. Make sure you’re in attendance for his set, you will not be disappointed.

ZF: How would you describe Eliot Lipp’s current sound?

EL: Electro Funk, Beats, Instrumental Hip Hop, Trap (but not really Trap)

ZF: You’ve seen a lot of artists come and go throughout your career, who are some of your peers that continue to inspire you?

EL: Guggenz, MZG, Blockhead, Biocratic, Bonobo, Baauer, Com Truise, Emancipator, G Jones, Hudson Mohawk, Legowelt. Michna…

ZF: You’ve played at Camp Bisco a few times and definitely gained a lot of fans there. Camp Bisco was important to musicians and fans because they delivered lineups that covered the full spectrum of sound, from jam bands and electronic music to indie rock and Hip Hop. What made Camp Bisco stick out to you when it came to lineups and atmosphere?

EL: Very diverse lineups. My first time playing Bisco I started a band with the guys that went on before me. I love east coast people, I love all the personalities I encounter there.

ZF: Headlining a festival is always cool, what can fans expect from you at Satellite Ranch?

EL: I’m going to play a lot of live synth as well as do a hybrid live/DJ set using half CDJ’s and half Ableton lap top + midi controllers.

ZF: How has living on the West Coast and East Coast affected you sonically, how important was it for you to experience life in cities on both coasts?

EL: I want to live in every major city in the US and a few abroad before I’m done. The west coast always has me playing smooth shit on Moogs & Wurlitzers, the east coast has me on distortion pedals & cassette recorders getting rough & tough.

ZF: Your sound continues to grow and transform every year. In a scene that can sometimes get generic, how do you manage to keep your authenticity while always exploring?

EL: I get a lot of inspiration from old music 80’s soundtracks, funk & jazz as well as brand new stuff like Flamingosis and whatever Eprom is cooking up.  When I first started making electronic music I did a lot of research on the pioneers (Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Carl Craig, Wendy Carlos, Moroder, All the weird 70’s fusion and Moog music…etc) I think understanding the building blocks helped me understand exactly what I wanted to bring to the table as an artist.

ZF: If you had to recommend one of your albums to a new fan, which one would it be and why?

EL: Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake kind of represents a number of different style and I think it’s a pretty good representation of my sound over all.

ZF: What are three records that had a major impact on your life?

EL: Outkast – ATLienz, Aphex Twin’s Analord series and The Avalanches – Since I left you. *bonus Daft Punk – Discovery

ZF: Did you get into music through producing or did you play an instrument first? If so, what is your main instrument and when did you start?

EL: I started out with piano and drums. I love rhythm and melody and I can’t really play anything with strings or stuff you have to blow into.

ZF: If you had to convince somebody that was on the fence about Satellite Ranch to come, what would you say?


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