SRMF 2017


Hello, everyone!
Today some of you will enter thru the gates to embark on your mission at the inaugural Satellite Ranch Music & Arts Festival 09/01/17-09/02/17. We cannot contain our excitement nor properly put it into words. With that being said, we have some breaking news for all of the attendees.
It is with a heavy heart, that we must announce the cancelation of our anticipated headlining act, Lord RAJA. Unfortunately, Lord Raja had suffered a loss of a close family member and we know how difficult it must be to deal with. We wish Lord Raja and his family our sincerest condolences and support thru this difficult time.
However, with that unfortunate news comes a silver lining. We were able to lock down an extremely gifted producer and DJ who we feel will fit perfectly with the vibes we are curating. We would like to welcome Starkey to the Satellite Ranch family and we hope you’re just as excited as we are for his upcoming performance. Starkey will be substituting for Lord Raja’s set on the Supernova Stage on Saturday, 09/02/2017, from 7:15pm-8:30pm.
The Funkstronaut Productions team hopes that everyone understands the circumstances and arrives to the festival with an open mind and ready to party. We’d like to give a shout out to the team at Rogue Agency for being extremely professional and working quickly to help us find an amazing replacement during this time.
You can check out Starkey’s music here:
See you on the mountain..!

Here’s Some More Updates and FAQs!

Greetings, Earthlings!
Here’s the latest updates and FAQs for Satellite Ranch Music & Arts Festival.
-We installed 9 baskets for disc golf on the venue! Bring your discs!
-There will be a Thursday Early Entry opportunity for attendees. Gates will be open from 6pm-11pm. It is an extra $10.00 for GA ticket holders. It is free for VIP. We will also have a few DJs performing in the Launchpad, along with SUICAUDIO.
-Online ticket sales are officially over. Tickets may now only be purchased at the gate.
-We will have the last batch of VIP passes available at the gate. GA attendees may upgrade at the gate for $60.00. This is a capacity issue and are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE! NO EXCEPTIONS!
-ALL passes include car camping.
-GA gate prices for the weekend are $70.00
-GA gate prices for Saturday Only are $40.00
-There will be a fee of $5.00 to park your car unless you are carpooling with 3 or more people, or unless you are a VIP ticket holder.
-It looks like we are expecting light showers on Saturday night into Sunday morning. Please pack accordingly.
Q: “Can I buy a Friday only pass?”
A: No. If you are attending for Friday only, you still must purchase a weekend pass.
Q: “Is there an age restriction?”
A: Yes. You must be 18+ years of age to attend unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
Q: “Can I reserve camping spots for my friends arriving at a different time?”
A: Yes. There is ample room on the venue for patrons to find a camping spot. Just please be courteous and respectful of your neighbor.
Q: “How does the Silent Disco work?”
A: You must provide a valid ID in exchange for a pair of headphones. Once you have the headphones, you will be able to toggle between two channels that host a different act on each channel. You will receive your ID when the headphones are returned. If you do not have an ID, you may be subject to a rental fee.
Q: “Will there be a bar on the property?”
A: There will be a VIP only bar where VIP ticket holders will be able to hand in drink tickets in exchange for complementary beverages. You may bring in outside alcohol to the venue. Please just make sure it is sealed and not in a glass bottle or handle. If it is glass, it will be confiscated and returned when you leave.
Q: “Can I enter after gates close?”
A: We will not turn any one away at the gate after they close. You simply will just have to provide the security detail with an ID and given a different colored wrist band. You will have to go to the gates when they open to retrieve your IDs and proper wrist bands and provide payment for the event. If you do not have an ID, then you may not enter the grounds until gates reopen.
Q: “What time do we have to leave on Sunday?”
A: All attendees must leave the festival grounds no later than 2pm on Sunday, 09/03/2017.
We hope that covers everything! If there’s any additional questions or concerns, please reach out. We are ecstatic to see you on the mountain..!

Updates and FAQs

Hello everyone!

We are only 3 days away from the very first Satellite Ranch Music & Arts Festival. We can hardly contain our excitement and cannot wait for you all to experience what we’ve worked so hard on to put together for your audio and visual enjoyment.
With that being said, we have a few important updates and questions we’d like to address to ensure everyone is on the same page and ready for the weekend.


-We will be opening the gates for early arrival on Thursday, 08/31/2017 from 6pm to 11pm. If you are not a VIP ticket holder, there will be a $10 entry fee. The amazing local duo, SUICAUDIO, will be performing in the Launchpad in the evening accompanied by a few DJs who will be performing additional sets throughout the festival.

-There will be Saturday Only tickets available at the gate. They are $40 and include camping. Those coming for Friday must purchase the full weekend pass. No exceptions.
-We’ve had a last minute schedule change. Patrick Richards will be performing on Friday from 10pm-11pm, and Ralphie Gucci will be performing Saturday from 1am-2am.

-The weather is looking like sunshine with a chance of light showers for us as of now. The venue is on top of a mountain and it is the beginning of September. It is looking like we may experience some chilly weather at night around 50 degrees. While we will have a few campfires on premises, and you may be heated up from dancing all night, we do recommend packing anything extra as far as clothes and camping gear to ensure you have a comfortable, warm, and dry time.


Q: “Will there be car side camping?”
A: Yes. There is enough room on the property for everyone to have an opportunity to camp next to their car.

Q: “Can we bring an RV or a camper?”
A: Yes, you can bring an RV or a camper. There will be a fee of $20 for each vehicle of this size, unless you are a VIP ticket holder.

Q: “What time will the gates open and close?”
A: The gates will first open on Thursday, 08/31/2017, from 6pm-11pm for early entry for attendees. On Friday and Saturday, the gates will be open from 10am-12am each night.

Q: “Is there re-entry?”
A: Yes, there is re-entry. However, re-entering vehicles are still subject to search and parking fee of $5 (unless you’re a VIP ticket holder).

Q: “Are the work shops VIP only?”
A: No. Although the work shops are on the stage where the VIP ONLY acts are hosted, the work shops are available for everyone to attend.

Q: “Will we be able to upgrade to VIP at the gate?”
A: We will have the final answer for this on Thursday, before gates open. VIP is a strictly limited amount and we are close to sell-out. If there are any left over, they will also be first come, first serve.

Q: “Can I bring my dog?”
A: No.

Q: “Can I bring sound equipment for my campsite?”
A: We want to stress that there is no renegade stage being allowed, nor can their be amplified sound. We do recommend bringing BlueTooth speakers or acoustic instruments if you’re so inclined.

That’s it for now and stay tuned for more updates and FAQs as they develop. We will see you on the Mountain in a few days..!

Patrick Richards – Satellite Ranch Transmissions 014

Welcome to Satellite Ranch Transmissions 014!

The 14th installment of Satellite Ranch Transmissions is mixed by Patrick Richards.

Patrick Richards put together a mix for us to get ready for his upcoming set at Satellite Ranch Music & Arts Festival! Tracks in this mix include but are not limited to, lo-fi, deep, afro, progressive, tech, and jackin’ house flavors. Patrick spins anything that makes him move. You can catch him spinning wildly different sets depending on the time and place as he tries to select the perfect tunes for the atmosphere. We can’t wait for his set!

We will see you on the mountain September 1st and 2nd!

BUY TICKETS –¬†https://tinyurl.com/y84mrwq8
DIRECT DOWNLOAD –¬†http://tinyurl.com/yda77lky

VIP Poster Design Dropped!

We’ve got some updates from the Funkstronaut base regarding¬†Satellite Ranch Music & Arts Festival!

-VIP is officially 50% SOLD OUT. They are first come, first serve and include features like access to VIP ONLY sets, free food and beverages during the VIP sets, free parking, this awesome poster illustrated by Ben LaDieu aka One Call System, and more. We are expecting sell-out by the weekend!

-The schedule will be released tomorrow on this event page! The updated venue layout will be posted this weekend. Thanks for being patient with us.

-WE STILL HAVE SPACE FOR (5) MORE CRAFT VENDORS. If you or anyone you know may be interested, please shoot us a message.

-If you’re not going VIP and still want to grab one of these posters, we will have a LIMITED amount of them for sale at the festival, signed and numbered by the artist.

See you on the mountain!

Blueshift – Satellite Ranch Transmissions 013

Welcome to Satellite Ranch Transmissions 013!

The 13th installment of Satellite Ranch Transmissions is mixed by Blueshift.

“Hey everyone! Here’s my mix in advance of the upcoming Satellite Ranch Festival later this year. As its a shorter mix, to start out, I’ve gone for tracks that are deep but also have a bit of a punch to them like the new Dusky tune. Midway through, it flips over to party time with some tech house cuts like the Mad Villains remix. Closing out is a really nice progressive house vibe from Josh Brown that’s upcoming on Country Club Disco.” – Blueshift

We will see you on the mountain September 1st and 2nd!

BUY TICKETS –¬†https://tinyurl.com/y84mrwq8
DIRECT DOWNLOAD –¬†http://tinyurl.com/yahmhjrv

Important Update Regarding the Lineup

Hey, everyone! We’ve got an important update.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, our friends in Panked! Dance Party! are no longer able to join us for the festival.

This has consequently delayed our plans to release the daily schedule. We will have it posted for you all next week, along with other FAQs and general information. If you have any questions or concerns beforehand, please feel free to message us.

With that being said, our team of Funkstronauts decided we needed to make it up to you for the overwhelming support we’ve been receiving throughout this endeavor. We have tracked down a SURPRISE SECRET GUEST to fill in the open slot.

We will announce the secret guest tomorrow afternoon.

Let’s just say he’s part of a pOpuLar DJ group….

Stay tuned.