Patrick Forster a.k.a. Waxwerk



Born & raised in Northeastern PA he became an enthusiast of D&B in the late 90s. Waxwerk purchased his 1st pair of turntables in 2002 after years of being an avid fan. His mixtapes fell into the right hands & he started getting booked at local events. Partnered up with some hometown heros he helped build a surprisingly active scene for such a small city. He held spots at multiple long-running weekly parties, & by 2005 he managed to have performed live 100s of times.

Then Dubstep happened…he changed his name to Conscious Pilot after switching genres, & left his beloved D&B records to collect dust. Years later the name Waxwerk is resurrected for special occasions as his vinyl-only Drum & Bass alias. Expect to hear that throwback Techstep sound that he was known for playing, classic after classic. It’s time to travel back in time with his turn-of-the-century selection & party like you haven’t since Y2K!