Tractorbear: A Tribute to The Disco Biscuits

Tractorbear: A Tribute to The Disco Biscuits

New YorkNY

Tractorbear is a tribute to the pioneers of Jamtronica/trancefusion, the Disco Biscuits.


Tractorbear Live at Stella Blues on 2015-03-07

Tractorbear Live at Fontana’s on 2015-03-21

Tractorbear Live at Ortlieb’s on 2014-08-23


Formed in 2014 by four friends who all shared a love and passion for the music of The Disco Biscuits, “Tractorbear” is a band that excels at recreating the trancefusion sound and revolutionary experience of seeing the music of the Biscuits live. From the type 2 jams, note-for-note recreations of lengthy rock operas, and recreations of specific jams from famous performances, Tractorbear is a truly talented cover project with surprises around every corner. While their former guitarist Julian Winkler has moved out West, Tractorbear’s new guitarist James DelliSanti is hungry to take the band to all new heights as their return in triumph. It’s time for 2.0! The Bears are back’d!