With the advent of the digital age his sets have become even more complex and fast paced, demanding and commanding dancefloor attention with no journey ever the same.



Royce began dj’ing in 1996, but it wasn’t always drum n’ bass….

“I was exposed to rave culture at an early age, and at that time in the scene it was primarily hard house, breaks, and gabber.  In those days, Jungle/Drum n’ Bass was always that music in the side room and my circle of friends always wanted to hear the 4×4 genres.  There weren’t many events where I was living, so I bought a turntable and mixer so we could listen to the music we wanted to.  All the good stuff was on vinyl in those days…it was a different time.  But I never had any intention of becoming a professional Dj.”

Until that one fateful night in 1998 after moving to South Carolina…

“I went to this party in Greenville, SC called Zen Fest at the Greenville Convention Center.  I still have the lanyard.  Rabbit in the Moon was headlining, which is why I wanted to go.  But I found myself in the side room, absolutely mesmerized by the jungle dj’s.  It was the first time I’d ever gotten to see what they were doing up so close….I could see it with my eyes and hear it with my ears….for the first time it all made sense.”

From that point on, Royce and Drum n’ Bass became synonymous.  It became something he had to figure out and something that he could express himself through.

“To this day, after 20 years, when I play I still push myself to do something different, something challenging.  With turntables, it was mastering playing on 3 decks at the same time.  Nowadays, with controllers and cdj’s, it’s a bit different but you can still find new ways to really test what you are capable of.  It keeps it interesting for me and in turn, for the crowd, which is the most important part!”