Radioactive Sandwich

Radioactive Sandwich


Radioactive Sandwich has released six original albums and a plethora of singles and EPs. They have also produced remixes for international artists such as Tripswitch, Kelly Sweet, Angelique Kidjo w/Peter Gabriel, Simon Collins w/Phil Collins, Globular, Supersillyus, and many more.



This is the story of Radioactive Sandwich. There was once two slices of moldy bread separated at birth named Slice One and Slice Two. Throughout their lives each would get in trouble in their wastelands of drippy sandwich shops during recess. At one point they happened to be in a deli at the same time when a roast beef panini melted the place down. Somehow each survived but only be being permanently cheesed together. They found love in making delectable psychedelic dub music together and became known as Radioactive Sandwich. Now Slice One and Slice Two go around serving up melty stringy oozy delightfully delicious samplings of dubby sandwiches for the hungry appetites of grumbly tummies everywhere. Our stomachs are thanking us for the 2 platters of audio being served to us at Prelude. Put on your bibs, this is gonna get messy. – Fan de Gonzalo

Born out of a hunger to create new and exciting musical flavors, Radioactive Sandwich is a modern day electronic group whose sonic mastery leads to captivating auditory experiences. Two friends, with a passion for music and sandwiches, came together in 2004 and haven’t stopped since. Through years of honing and crafting their skills in the studio, Slice One and Slice Two have become a force of sonic nature within the psychedelic electronic music scene. Utilizing computers, synthesizers, voices, and random sound generating devices, Radioactive Sandwich creates music that is both unique and exciting. Their energy, both in the studio and on the stage, creates a one-of-a-kind experience that tickles the ears, warps the minds, and fills the bellies of all who listen.