Laser Sex

Laser Sex



Mike Nasser
- Guitar, Bass, Samples, Synth

Jeff Felkowski
- Guitar, Samples, Synth

Rich Hartranft

Angelo Miraglia



Hailing from Scranton, PA, this hyper-dynamic musical duo combines an endless stream of musical genres to create a fresh take on electronic dance music. The keystone to their colorful art is their versatility, as both creators Mike Nasser and Jeff Felkowski emerge from very different musical backgrounds. This difference in influence comes together seamlessly in their composition to create an ever evolving sound that is unique unto them. Nasser, playing the bass, guitar, keys, and samples, provides a strong foundation in funk music. This element is the most common denominator among their repertoire. Felkowski, also playing guitar, keys, and samples, provides an incomparable feel to the composition that helps Laser Sex achieve their innovative sound. On stage every instrument gets routed into their main computer where Nasser and Felkowski can take live samples of themselves and each other. The use of live sampling creates an almost orchestral feel to their performance. At times it will sound like there are six or more people performing rather than two. The use of live sampling in tandem with the use of samples from other artists leaves the audience unable to predict the direction of each performance. Ultimately, audiences will come to expect the unexpected when seeing Laser Sex perform live. Laser Sex entertainment is unprecedented and full of groundbreaking, superb musicianship. They are progressively uniting electronic music with fundamental genres while incorporating imaginative character. All of their music can be downloaded for free (or optional donation) at lasersex.bandcamp.com.