Sometimes you kick the drum, and hit the hi hat. Well, the butternut bass is here to clap your jack.
Latest album MOON MOON: https://goo.gl/4bjAT8


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Philly-based dj ILY grew up in Amish country. One of his first big (not 100% legal) shows was at a Mennonite farm out in the country. The DJ setup was on the 2nd floor balcony of the farmhouse facing the livestock barn. It was wonderful and different for the area at the time, and thankfully the cows didn’t call the cops at any point.

His track selection conveys a unique deep and groovy electronic energy and a jackin’ / tech / house music atmosphere from behind the glow and blinks of the DJ setup. His belief that dance music can be therapy and parties are supposed to be FUN is evident in his dedication to the good feeling. He’s worked with Tone Depth and Greg Pidcock (Bad Pony Records, Hot Creations) in Montreal. He’s been producing music for over 13 years and has gone on to get tracks released on Nurvous Records, emby, and Spira Music with conspirator/co-DJ Blueshift as Mr. Falcon. ILY hosts two monthly dance parties called INFRARED and That Friday Night Jawn, and he plays at regional festivals in and around Philadelphia along with his crew LEFT RITE.​